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NAACP Comes out Against Common Core Assessment in Washington State
Blacks in Washington are strongly opposed to the Assessment Test and are urging all parents to opt their children out of the test.

WATCH Parents and Educators come together to stop Common Core
WATCH Dr. Terrance O. Moore, Author of The Story Killers, Speaks on Common Core Standards 
WATCH A Closer Look at Common Core
A Companion to the Brochure
WATCH Author and Professor at Hillsdale College takes a closer look at the anti-American, anti-literature Curriculum of Common Core

Orlean on Common Core - Glenn Beck show Friday, Aug 23

WATCH Mental Health Professional testifies Against Common Core of the Rise in Emotional Problems of both Students and Teachers.
WATCH Author Orlean Koehle appears on WriterSpeak with Host Jeane Slone.
WATCH Common Core Math in Middle School – Math by Consensus?



See for yourself How Ridiculous, Confusing, and Time Consuming Common Core Math is

Part 1 Part 2


Rally at High School Football Field
Against Common Core in Long Island
New York hosted by educators featuring
Superintendent Dr. Joseph Rella,
August 17, 2013

Chico Tea Party Orlean Koehle will be speaking about Common Core 07 23 2013


Interview with Orlean Koehle, President, Eagle Forum of CA, Author, "Common Core" - Segment 1
Starts at 2min 50 secs


Dan Forest, Lt. Gov. of NC speaking out against CC

1/5 - 2/5 - 3/5 - 4/5 - 5/5 Stop the Common Core - 5 Part - YouTube

Orlean Koehle on KSFO with Barbara Simpson October 28, Hour 2 
Audio Only


Orlean Koehle - Common Core: A Trojan Horse for Education Reform Radio Liberty -- 2012 Seminar

Power Point Used in You Tube - PDF Format


01/26/2013 Eagle Forum Live with Phyllis Schlafly
Orlean Koehle — The Stealth Plan to Nationalize Public Education

Audio Only

Informational Text Vs Classical English 
Literature and Traditional Learning:

Under Common Core, reading of "informational texts" will be greatly increased
causing classical English literature to be decreased - down to 50% in elementary and 30% in middle school and high school. This will also be the same for not only English classes, but also for what used to be traditional science, history, civics, and math.  The excuse being given for doing this is so that learning can be more centered on what is going on today, to prepare them for the future, to not make learning so overwhelming or "spread a mile wide and an inch deep."  Now it will be an inch wide and a mile deep."  What a perfect description of "deep indoctrination."

Why Should we Be Concerned with More "Informational Text Taught?"
More informational text will allow more time, opportunity, and lend legitimacy to the teaching of one-sided, biased propaganda and indoctrination.  It used to be hard for a progressive teacher to sneak his or her own biased views into a structured lesson where there was limited time for anything extra.  Now teachers can legitimately do so and will be given the time and the assigned materials with which they can indoctrinate their students.  

These are pictures of new common core "informational text" books that are already being used in the State of Utah in elementary school.  The videos are of two concerned fathers speaking about them. The stated purpose for these informational text assignments is to "measure growth and changes in attitudes, beliefs, and dispositions."  Does that not sound like what indoctrination is meant to do - to change a person's attitudes, belief system, and disposition or "state of mind?"          

Voices teaches Social Advocacy in the First Grade:
The first video shows a book that is being used in the first through 6th grade called Voices, which is teaching children to use "feeling" words as they become advocates for social justice.  The children later learn to be advocates against their own parents (letting children know that really they know more than their parents and have to motivate their parents to change.)

Other Books That Teach Only a Biased View on Controversial Subjects:  The following books have been recommended for primary grades "for Common Core aligned informational text:"  

United Nations, why we need it, UNICEF, building a better world, We the Peoples of the United Nations, UN Declaration of Human Rights, What is Climate, How It has Changed, What Could Happen to Our World?  Sonia Sotomayor Story.

Many of these books are coming from the Highlander Center of Tennessee, which was shut down several times in the past for radical, communist activity.  They say of themselves on their website:

"Highlander serves as a catalyst for grassroots organizing and movement building in Appalachia and the South. We work with people fighting for justice, equality and sustainability, supporting their efforts to take collective action to shape their own destiny...It is a progressive, social change organization..."

One can only imagine that the books that the Highlander Center publishes will have a "progressive" viewpoint and want to change the children's attitudes and beliefs to make them more "just, equitable, and make the world a more sustainable, greener place."  Of course, the children will come out of the schools believing in the United Nations and all their radical policies - that they are "citizens of the world," not sovereign Americans, to accept global warming as scientific fact, to accept the UN Earth Charter (a New Age Creed to replace the Ten Commandments), to accept UN Agenda 21 and all of its controls over every aspect of how man interacts with his environment, and to believe in the UN Declaration on Human Rights over the the U.S. Bill of Rights.


Indoctrination in Common Core ELA Texts


Common Core ELA Informational Texts